Building businesses that last.

What we do is a consulting practice that leads large-scale institutional change within business and social systems. We ensure long-term institutional viability and increasing value for all stakeholders by establishing infrastructure capable of delivering sustainable performance improvements. Simply stated, everyone wins when we build businesses that last.
The ValueTree™ is a proprietary tool that drives all engagements. The ValueTree™ is a graphical representation of how money flows through the business on one page. It is designed to help people understand the interconnections and inter-relationships of money and what drives improvements in the value of a business.
For 30 years we have created cultures built on World-class Operating Principles and World-class Social Principles. The ValueTree™ is the tool used to tie all activities together and ensure institutional health. The ValueTree™ team is a resource primarily focused on improving the six elements of the Strategic Integration Model and the capabili-ties of the people managing it.
Let us bring the action-learning, change process to you.

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“I can honestly state that this course held my full attention from the minute it started until the minute it ended. This is a direct reflection on the instructor.  He did a fantastic job,”  Principled Supervisor participant.