Diagnostic Services & Root Cause Identification

“Diagnosis” is a process of discovery;  finding the root cause of a situation or problem.  Be it a maintenance technician troubleshooting a complex piece of equipment or MVT troubleshooting a complex business problem, both require insight and experience.  Some examples of troubleshooting are as follows:

1)  The ValueTree:  All the money flows of the business on one page with all the improvement techniques linked in.  See the world like a CFO or CEO.  The starting place for all diagnostics.

2)  Troubleshooting skill progression:  Four levels of skill progression for the Maintenance profession, describing requirements to solve increasingly complex problems.  MVT is equivalent to a Level IV technician for the business.

3)  Benchmarking:  Set of questions used to distill best practices.

4)  Group-based diagnostic:  Fishbone data gathering tool for collecting input from groups of people to discern organizational issues and perspectives.  Largest project was 5,000 people with data collected on 14,000 sticky notes.

The Great Sticky Harvest

5)  The Biz Dr.’s Checkup:  Choice of diagnostics to determine how the business is doing.