Leading the Group-based Problem Solving Process

The purpose of this workshop is to equip aspiring Lean Leaders with the interpersonal skills required to successfully manage projects to closure, and do it in a way that is aligned with our core beliefs on creating effective change*, so that results are delivered through a group-based process.

* Core Beliefs on Effective Change:

  • Inclusive processes generate the spirit and will required to create lasting change
  • Shared beliefs, principles and decision-making allow the simultaneous implementation of broad-based change to occur
  • Collective personal vision of end-state excellence creates a pull into the future

Outcomes of this Workshop

1.  Behaving to bring the best out in groups

2.  Navigating through the 5 stages of group development

3.  Managing group dynamics for a productive environment

4.  Facilitating a group for results

5.  Running an effective meeting

6.  Setting conditions that encourage change

7.  Dealing with conflict


The Project Manager’s Role Description

Core Work: Delivering results using a group-based, problem solving process

Accountable for:

Completing the project & implementation using a group based process

Quality of the results

Managing the group dynamics

Group productivity and effectiveness

Facilitating conversations

Initiating tasks

Providing needed information

Giving feedback on group performance

Clarifying goals

Getting decisions made

Responsive to:

1. Project charter

2. Group dynamics

3. Group needs

4. Organizational constraints

5. Following the agenda

6. Completing action items

7. Data driven, problem solving processes

8. Listening to project members

Creative Around:

Managing the project timeline, finding resources, solving interpersonal problems, keeping the group on task, making meetings worthwhile, group cohesion, encouraging participation, combining ideas, reality testing options, group learning, celebrating success.

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