What is it?

Learning Safety from the ExpertsSafety is the number one priority for population groups living in the Savannah. They are specialists at situational awareness. They have a finely defined approach to hazard identification, risk assessment and controls. They have defined roles, clear communications, clear priorities and clear plans.
Failure means you are dinner.

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Come on Safe-ari™ with us as we learn from the experts. Safari pictures introduce your people to key concepts of situational awareness, and through discussion questions, the bridge is made to the work environment. A 23-page laminated slide deck is perfect for morning “toolbox” talks. Talking points, learning objectives and discussion questions on the back of each picture makes it easy to prompt a meaningful conversation of exploration, learning and back-home application. Topics that may be difficult to raise-up in the business setting find easy access when people are taken out of their normal worldview into the Savannah. Key touchstone statements can easily be remembered and used after each session to lock-in situational awareness behaviors; phrases like ,”hippo heads,” “hazards on the prowl,” and “got your back.”

Discussions are followed with Safety Safaris, tracking hazards with a Safety Guide. This is a new and novel approach to developing situational awareness with a capstone training event for your safety leaders…a real safari!