Supervisor Development

The Principled Supervisor: Foundations in Supervising People


Management has typically grown up from the shop floor without the advantage of formal supervisory training or exposure to other companies. Over time, performance drifts and becomes less effective and efficient as people find a comfortable equilibrium.  This can result in staffing for organizational inefficiencies, deteriorating business performance and declining customer service.

Proposed Approach

Host a two day workshop for all supervision re-baselining and re-energizing them for the tough work they do each day. The workshop can be delivered in half-day or full day segments with optimal group size ranging from 15 to 30.   Break the workshop into four, ½-day modules to minimize any impact to the shop floor or run two days straight.

Handouts of key materials are provided, the workshop slides are posted on the web and the workshop is supported by the books The Principled Supervisor, The Principled Employee and Change the Conversation.  Two assessments are used during the workshop to give participants insight into how they handle conflict and how they approach work.  The workshop closes with a section devoted to the business finances and the group’s leadership agenda.  Key themes of safety, quality, material flow and creating value are explored.