Kick It Up

13 December 2011

“Yes, we know the pallet jack has a broken wheel, but we use it anyway,” say the workers looking at a huge gash in the beautiful epoxy floor.
This month’s E-bits is your wake-up call, ”Intensity is a necessity.” I am your watchman raising the caution flag so that you avoid settling; settling for anything less than your best. 2011 has been a focused and intense year for everyone I meet. It is the end of the year and people are tired, unfocused and casual. How else do we explain the airline ticket-counter person in West Palm Beach being rude and irritated with his customer? What causes the mature office worker to send out an email to their customer with typos; or to speak to an executive with a “you’re stupid” tone? I believe people are going unconscious under the pressures of another year of a tough economy.
“Intensity is a necessity!” I believe the economic pressures and uncertainties of 2012 are going to exceed those of 2011. Your best in 2011 is the launchpoint in 2012. This means heightened awareness and attentiveness anticipating requirements. Keen perception of the situation around us. I just finished an intensive week of presentations in India. To a group of presenters-in-training I noted that by 2pm the material gets complex, the group’s energy has dropped after lunch and after hours of presenting you, too, are tired. But, it is at this very point that you must dig deep into your reserves, throttle-up and put energy into the room. So it will be in 2012. There will be increased competition and scrambling for scarce resources just when we are most tired. This is when we must kick-it-up a notch and provide the best service we can. Do not accept poor performance from yourself or anyone else. Decide to increase your intensity in 2012.
To all my friends around the world: in my faith tradition I wish you blessings and peace and joy of Christmas. Get ready for a big 2012!
Be well and keep adding value,
Alden B.
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Kick It Up

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