ATTITUDE…reaping the results of what you sow

Enter, if you will, the “No victim zone” and explore the relationship between attitude and results.
Four times this past week I have experienced the profound impact of attitude on a person‟s career and success. Attitude is worthy of our consideration. How many times have you heard someone say “that person has such a negative attitude”? “Attitude” influences how people respond to you, how they remember you, how willing they are to help you and ultimately the results you achieve.
Jung‟s discussion of attitude is so involved it is of no help. Others describe it as beliefs coupled with feelings; a good definition but obscure to create action. As in ballet, think of “attitude” as your position, your stance. Attitude is how I am positioning myself relative to you, the task, the situation. It is a choice.
My choice begins with how much control I feel I have in the situation. People who believe they influence their future tend to position themselves in a much more positive way than people who believe the external world is controlling them. People who take a positive position tend to attract possibilities, success and champions. Those who are victims tend to take a more protective and sheltered position and end up attracting negativity, problems and detractors reinforcing their belief that they do not have control. In essence, we are reaping what we sowed.
If you want an attitude that gives you altitude, start with self-observation. As you go through the day, look at yourself as if watching a movie and decide if your position is from a place of control or victimization. If you see yourself blaming others, never able to be wrong, talking about your rights and what is your due, if “you said…” and “you taught me…” are familiar phrases then others may perceive you as having a negative or unpleasant attitude. Phrases such as “yes, boss”, “right on it,” “let‟s see what we can do” all contribute to an upbeat and responsive attitude.
If you do not like what you are reaping, check the attitude you are sowing. Get a copy of the Attitude Model, click here.


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