Fixing Complex Problems

Multi-stakeholder + technically sophisticated + legally regulated + export controlled + aggressive personalities + multi-level supply chains = Complex Problems

We are specialists in solving complex problems with a group-based process.

Sample problem statements:

“Current production problems are resulting in $29M contract overruns,” Program Office of most complex product manufactured.

“We need a regional approach and teamwork to successfully grow the New York City Market,” VP of Regional Engineering.

“Our business is being harvested yet I must still grow revenue and margins with a mature, highly engineered product in an area where it is difficult to get engineers,” General Manager.

“We need to create a safety first culture,” GM of steel mill.

“Management development is key to our profitable growth and I need a rhythm of development events for each level of management,” aerospace GM.

“We need to include junior engineers in the selling process,” VP Business Development, engineering company.

“Kaizen the factory and reduce the overall order entry to delivery time,” VP Operations customized electric motor business.

“Turn around an angry workforce of 5,000 engineers,” VP Defense business.

“Rebuild the relationship between the Program Office and the Contact Office,” Program VP large defense system.

“Teach my staff critical thinking skills,” VP Business Development Defense Business.

“Show how the ValueTree can help our IT department make improvements for our major bank,” IT Project Manager.

“Redesign this factory and keep it from closing,” GM 1,500 person factory.

“Create a joint labor-management process to redesign work to match new cellular production,” VP HR aerospace manufacturer.