Drive Poor Performance with Ineffective Dialogue

16 February 2010

Running your organization with ineffective dialogue gives the same results as running your car without oil; they seize-up! Are you observing the performance degrading implications of ineffective dialogue? They can range from general disengagement and malaise to people being summarily removed from their jobs. Give yourself a competitive edge in this economy by fostering effective dialogue in your organization.
Six months ago people from two companies became entrenched in non-productive behaviors across the customer-supplier chasm. Dialogue was reduced to blame; problem solving to criticism. Performance suffered. The supplier scorecard was mostly red; red being bad. New conversations were enabled when people from both sides were trained in interpersonal and social skills. Today the group is experiencing outstanding performance and can focus their energy on innovations and problem solving.
The skill-set is straight forward. Effective interactions, setting expectations, negotiating differences, dealing with conflict, respectful behaviors, giving feed-back, decoding „hot-buttons‟ and representing the agenda of an opposing per-son. Begin an exploration of these topics at, mouse over Principled Supervisor and check out “Effective Listening” and the “Respect Audit.” Start today using language that fosters effective dialogue such as, “Tell me more,” “How do we find info about…,” “ What can I do?”, “Why do you say that?”, “Next time…”, “I believe”, “We can do it”, “No problem” and “Possibilities are…”
With effective dialogue you can have long and productive performance. It is a worthy investment of your time and energy.
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Drive Poor Performance with Ineffective Dialogue

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