E-bits: Good from Funeral?

Premise:  TheValueTree shows us the path to delivering value at work; similarly, TheLifeTree shows us the path to delivering value in life.

Main Points:

1)  Today is the day to consider, “Am I a contribution in life?”

2)  Be purposeful about what you are doing;

3)  TheLifeTree, like TheValueTree, can show us the way.

At a funeral this week, a colleague and friend challenged me to find the E-bits message in the gathering.  Contemplating the casket, the question came, “Was I a contribution in life?  Did my life deliver value?” Just the way a business is to deliver value to a wide array of stakeholders, can the same model be used to think about my life? 

Casket, flowers, podium.  People get up and share thoughts…their final assessment.  As they reflect and settle the accounts, is the ledger positive or negative?  I have seen step-kids praise the deceased and biological kids share disdain.  What are we leaving behind?  This E-bits is an encouragement to be disciplined about adding value to others…being a contribution.  Seems that’s all that matters in the end.

TheValueTree defines value in terms of increasing the worth of the business, as defined by Return on Invested Capital…a number that says, “for every dollar tied up in the business, what is returned.”  22% is considered good for manufacturing.  The same framework is used to look at our lives.  The goal is to be a contribution…increase value to others.  That’s determined by looking at my results divided by how much headwind I created.  You can deliver a great financial future to your family yet leave everyone emotionally damaged.  Total contribution has been lessened.  The only right answer is your answer.

Be encouraged to “do an assessment today and make the necessary corrections.”  Just as in business, stay focused on the goal…increasing value.  Stay conscious of being a contribution.

Alden B.

“Providing reasonable assurance that management delivers results without depending on luck.”

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