Hunt Time harms Value


Cycle Time is an essence-level concept within which are buried ValueTree™ improvements.

Cycle-time. To best understand this concept, picture an assembly line; one where product is flowing, one after another. A technician starts one unit, works it along until the end of the station and then goes back to begin the next unit. The time from start to start is called the “cycle time.”

The more I work with cycle time the more I appreciate the richness that comes from understanding its components:

Actual time to do the task
Personal pace
Hunt time
Learning curve
Ponder time

Refer to your ValueTree™ and note that improvements are immediately visible in Labor, Overtime and Sales when world class concepts are applied to each component. We will begin with Hunt Time.

Hunt Time. “It’s time to begin the job, but where is my open-ended box wrench and the four clamp-down bolts?” The Odyssey begins with a rummage through the tool box, the tools buried on the workbench, the box under the bench, the tool box at the next work station and the box under the other bench. Then grousing with the person down the aisle about second shift and how they never return anything. “By the way, how was the fishing trip?” 5 minutes later it’s off to Maintenance to see if the tool is there. “What a game last night, huh?” Then it’s over to another department and the quest continues. This is Hunt Time! At home or at work just think how much time is lost due to Hunting. 5-s is a World-class concept which addresses this situation. Sort Straighten, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Through aggressive 5-s’ing the work station is prepared to receive work much the way a hospital’s operating room or an Indy pit is ready. 5-S is a straight forward concept with a big pay-off. It all begins by doing a 5-S rating and then working to improve each item. It’s highly inclusive, easy to teach and leaves lots of room for individual creativity. Keep an eye on the web-site (; the rating form will soon be posted.

Keep adding value!

Alden B.

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