Increase YOUR Value with Optimism

31 January 2011
And a Happy New Year to the ValueTree™ community. Here is the best gift I can give you for increasing YOUR value in 2011, six affirmations to open yourself to the possibilities of a new year. Cut this out and post it where you will see it, affirming these beliefs about yourself.
In this month’s “Sloan Management Review” the opening article is titled “Why it pays to be an Optimist.” In the sample group of graduating MBA students, they found that the optimistic people found jobs more easily with less intensive job searches, and two years later were more likely to have been promoted. Affirmation #1 is worthy of your consideration.
Are you aware that the beneficial effects of goal setting on task performance is one of the most robust and replicable findings in the psychological literature? Positive effects were shown by 94% of the studies. This is why Affirmation #2 is so important. Get a clear picture in your mind and then write it down! I cannot stress this enough.
We are going to have a great 2011!
Check out my latest radio segment “Sailing the 7-Cs of Business” as we enter the sea of Collections.
Be well and keep adding value.
Alden B.

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Increase YOUR Value with Optimism

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