“Leadership” is such a great topic and so very misunderstood.  So many confuse being the “boss” with being the “leader.” Here’s how I make the distinction…if I pay you to follow me, I am your boss…if you choose to follow me (regardless of pay) I am your leader.  You don’t aspire to be a leader; a leader unfolds in your life when you take a stand on an issue that is also of importance to other people.  A leader is different than a project lead.  A project lead is a “boss” of sorts because they are accountable for getting the work accomplished through other people.  A leader aligns the values of people who mobilize to a future they desire.

Conditions can be set to help a person discover their attunement to leadership work through workshops such as follows:

1)  Leading Through Excellence

2)  Experience Leadership, 1-day Outdoor Event

3)  Kouzes and Posner Leadership Assessment: a 360-degree assessment tool based on their five pillars of leadership and how they are experienced.  Call Annette to discuss

4) For city leaders, consider the following:

 Community vision through metrics

–  Mondragon study tour

 Supply Chain Consortiums

–  Economic Gardening and Development Vision