LABOR DAY…a “thank you” to all who work so hard, everyday

May 2010

Today is Labor Day here in the States. Historically, a day to celebrate the Labor Movement created in 1894 as a peace token by President Grover Cleveland after troublesome labor clashes. Let me take a broader perspective on labor and generalize it to all of us out there working, being responsible, and taking accountability for ourselves and those we care about. To all of you I say “thank you.” A genuine “thank you” for all your work and dependability that goes unrecognized every day. The world functions every day because people like you make it so. With caring and professionalism you make sure the work gets done and projects completed.
Regardless of where you live in the world, you are worthy of our respect and gratitude. “Thank You,” this Labor Day for your hard work and effort.
Be well and keep adding value.
Alden B.
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LABOR DAY…a “thank you” to all who work so hard, everyday

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