Leadership Development: Session 2 & 3

Topic:  What gets created in an organization when OSHA (the law) is the basis for management’s safety vision?

Great Perspective Piece contributed by sage Pete Susca

Meeting notes/results  rev 2

Conscious raising question, “Are you interested in what safety can tell you about the rest of the business?”



  1. A spot on observation and analysis!
    Many of us have grasped the concept, but have also failed to be able to go “all in” for various reasons. As individuals, we know what those reasons are, but have no power or authority to make it so!
    I hope to be able to participate in the next “Sages” session so that we can discuss options and strategies.

  2. I believe that it has become a mindset due to the rising ” risk insurance” costs.
    As well as the DOD and large companies pressuring smaller suppliers to have ” accident free ” days, weeks & months and using it as a measurement tool in doing business with them. Which in my opinion leads to a lot of ” false ” or misleading information being published, because ( and I think some might disagree, but deep down they know I am right ) the bottom line dollars in profit and productivity actually rule the day.
    Most manufacturers will hire safety personnel at great cost, run safety programs and protocols and publish the safety manuals all at great expense, and people will Stand at attention and do exactly what the manuals say to do when they appear, but when they disappear you will always and I mean always hear the boss wondering aloud on why it is taking so long to fix this or that, which always puts the employee at the bottom rung at risk, risk for safety and risk for his job ( if he doesn’t do it quick enough, he is gone. If he gets caught cutting safety measures, he is gone. It is a no win scenario for the person who actually needs to be the most protected. )

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