Pondering = Loss


Cycle-time is the topic of our attention. During 4th Q last year, we focused on the first of five components that make-up cycle-time. Let’s review…

Cycle Time is an essence-level concept within which are buried ValueTree™ improvements.

Cycle-time. To best understand this concept, picture an assembly line; one where product is flowing, one after another. A technician starts one unit, works it along until the end of the station and then goes back to begin the next unit. The time from start to start is called the “cycle time.”

The more I work with cycle time the more I appreciate the richness that comes from understanding its components:

Actual time to do the task
Personal pace
Hunt time
Learning curve
Ponder time

Refer to your ValueTree™ and note that improvements are immediately visible in Labor, Overtime and Sales when world class concepts are applied to each component.

Last E-Bits we explored Hunt Time. If you have PowerPoint, attached is a graphic showing how the parts of cycle-time fit together.

“Ponder Time” is today’s topic. Pondering is the activity within which people engage when a variation is encountered and the response is not immediately obvious. “Ponder” is defined as “weighing in the mind; a careful weighing of a problem or the like so that nothing important escapes attention.”

How often have you witnessed good performers stopped in their tracks, trying to sort-out the next step? Given the daily nature of our flows (material or information), someone, somewhere knows the right solution. As we work to perfect cycle times, our challenge becomes how to get the right insight to the ponderer. A good start is to create a Pareto chart of the key variations that stop the flow. Material discrepancy, data discrepancy…chart it. Next, have the people who know how to address the variation frame their knowledge in a matrix so that when people get stuck they can quickly “un-stick” themselves be referring to the matrix. The goal is to equip people with the knowledge, insight and information so that we standardize the resolution of daily issues and keep the flow going.

Next time, we will look at “Personal Pace.” In the meantime, check-out the web-site…www.MyValueTree.com. I am slowly building the site along with my web-design skills. You now have the high-level value tree picture (one for business and one for your personal life) and a great presentation of Clicks’N’bricks…preparing for the new economy. Also, check-out the Conflict Resolution material.

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Keep adding value!

Alden B.


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