New Hire Orientation

Welcome to the organization.  So glad you are with us.

The purpose of this orientation is to introduce you to the Safe-ari(tm) mindset;  the way we want to be thinking about our work and everything we do in life.  You are joining a group of people who want to always be learning about how to eliminate risk;  risk to my body, risk to the product, risk to our equipment, risk to the business, risk to the customer and risk to our community.  We want to continuously improve the business and the lives of all involved.

Safe-ari(tm) is a way of learning.  It is a process where we

  • examine how others manage risk
  • discuss what we can learn from them
  • put our ideas into action.

People across the organization have started the Safe-ari(tm) journey and now you are joining in.

  1. Print off the Safe-ari(tm) Tour Map           CLICK HERE
  2. Watch the 10 minute video                           CLICK HERE
  3. Pick one picture you really like
  4. Meet your Safe-ari Guide or Safety Manager and discuss the picture
  5. Get the “On Guard” decal and join us in making life safer