Lenny Diamond

LennyBWMr. Diamond specializes in creating interactive meetings, learning environments and safe conversation space for organizations and individuals in or emerging from transition to develop or reinforce team work, to strengthen leadership effectiveness, to recognize and leverage differences and similarities in the organization and to create effective communication systems and channels.  Throughout a 20+ year corporate career, Lenny created change resilient cultures by orchestrating organizational climates characterized by open communication, active participation and trust, with a strong sense of team and client orientation.  His efforts led to heightened levels of staff confidence, satisfaction, morale and productivity.  During the past five years a majority of Lenny’s work has been devoted to supporting merger, strategic alliance and partnership formation and implementation.  Clients include Eli Lilly & Co.,  U.S. Department of Agriculture, TheHartford Insurance, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dyax, Sanofi-Aventis, Habitat for Humanity and Area Agency on Aging.   Lenny holds a BS in Business Administration from Ithaca College.  His post graduate education includes courses and seminars in leadership, effective management techniques, human relations, information systems and experiential programming.  He is a member of the Boston Facilitator’s Roundtable, the International Association of Facilitators and serves as President for the Global Facilitators Serving Communities (http://www.globalfacilitators.org/).