The 6 Affirmations of Successful People

5 January 2010

We will succeed regardless of the economy! Consider the wisdom distilled from people who excel in their career. Careful observation shows a set of affirmations, declarations that these people make through their daily behaviors.

1. I can describe my picture of ‘success.’
2. I am the institution for which I work.
3. I have mastered projects and deliver results.
4. I know my talent, skills and knowledge and apply them to company relevant work.
5. I know my professional aspirations.
6. I invest energy in my networks, development and opportunities.

‘Success’ begins with a clear mental picture. Be it spiritual or physical, successful people can describe their future in detail. They are clear with themselves and those around them what they want from life. Clarity of vision creates an attitude of confidence and upon this foundation a sense of authority when at work. They speak for the institution. They represent the institution’s viewpoint and position. They know that their success is intertwined with the institution’s success. They wear the company lapel pin; they speak positively in the public forum. They know that the institution is the sum of the people and regardless of whether they are a boss or not, they are 100% in.

‘Success’ comes to those who have a track record of success, and this usually means people who can manage projects and deliver results. The organization needs work done and the people who know how to get work done and manage the work of others become more valuable and therefore successful. To this end, successful people are laser clear about their talents and they make sure they bring them fully to bear on work most important to the organization’s survival. People who know their talents eventually become identified with a profession and progression and know how far they want to go. They aspire to grow to their potential. And they know that their growth is linked with other people. This causes an appreciation in networks and maintaining good relations with people. And as the networks develop, new opportunities emerge and success comes.

Say these affirmations out loud. Say them again. If it does not feel true, this is exactly where to concentrate energy. ‘Success’ is at hand when these affirmations are made with confidence and conviction.

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