The Price Tag of Loyalty Lost

September 2009

Twenty-six technical people gathered in a room last week with me to discuss how they would seize market opportunities from their competitors. Even in this economy, they knew they have motivated customers with both the funding and legal incentive to bid projects. The meeting was focused, informative, motivational, unifying and sometimes argumentative. And when it was over there was no doubt in my mind that this group of
people will win new work, deliver the results and grow their business. Most disturbing, however, was that the driving force behind the meeting and the possibility thinking was a core of five people; five people with less than six months in the group. Five people who became so disengaged in the hands of their previous employer that they made a pact, collectively resigned and happily landed with a competitor. The company they
left was not bad, or mean or harsh with them. In fact, it was all very pleasant and safe and secure and mind numbingly boring. This group has so much energy and desire to
win business and explore new projects that they could not accept a corporate coma. Millions of dollars of business will follow them because of relationships, expertise and
their track record of success.

Morale of the story: The only one who loses is the one who loses their people’s loyalty.

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