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Flowing Work

  • Strategy


    The whole process begins with forming what I like to call “the unanswerable question.” The question, when answered, that will put us on an entirely new path. It is through the formation of this question that we start to focus our minds and energy.  The creative process begins when this […]

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  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure requirements are best defined when guided by a set of principles.  Principles established in the lean philosophy. Capital: Within the context of the cell, spending capital dollars does not insure a high return on investment or productivity.  (The fewer dollars to do the same work, the better.)   Space: Compressing the […]

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  • Workflow

    “The First Law of Mentat”, from Dune “A process cannot be understood by stopping it. Understanding must move with the flow of the process, must join it and flow with it.” This is the critical first step in all improvement efforts…understanding the flow.  Be it parts in the factory or […]

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  • People & Organization

    People & Organization

    Organizational Design People design houses. They mark-out the plans for buildings, cars and jet engines.  Their designs are guided by engineering realities or artistic preferences.  Structures of institutions are also designed.  Work is carried out within this structure. Values guiding the Design of our Organizations  Clarity of Accountability Enables Action […]

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