December 29, 2016

Foundational ideas:

  1. Earl Nightingale: We become what we think about
  2. Napoleon Hill: Thoughts are things
  3. Ed Locke: Goal setting positively impacts performance

Attached is the best gift I can give you for the New Year…a planning framework called “5-to-Thrive.”  Five years ago the Arab Spring was starting, Japan was hit with the massive earthquake and tsunami, Prince William and Kate Middleton got married and the Portugal debt crisis was underway.  Are you where you wanted to be five years ago?  Five years goes by quickly.  Let’s live our lives by design, not chance. “5-to-Thrive” is an integrated set of topics to focus our minds and help set desired outcomes for 2017.  Reference the attached handout and let’s begin:

1)  Becoming more “YOUnique”-  What must you do this year to stand-out from the crowd?

2)  Get control of that which has a hold on your life.  Alcohol, drugs, gambling…past hurts, history?  This year cut the anchors that hold you back.

3)  Shed a negative assumption about yourself.  Or, if you rather, embrace the loser you know you are.

4)  Be more, do more.  Identify one area where you will learn more this year.

5)  Bring encouragement to others by saying a good word throughout the year.

Write one outcome down for each point of the STAR and let’s get on with crafting a great 2017!

Get the 6-part podcast of “5-to-Thrive” at:   http://coachdavis.libsyn.com/

Keep adding value.


Alden B.


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