Destroy Value with Ineffective Interpersonal Relations


Ineffective interpersonal relations create drag on The ValueTree ™.

Two weeks ago I was with a group of executives accountable for a complex, highly engineered product. They are from different countries, different companies and have little interest in interpersonal relations. The boss operated with the assumption that they were a team focused on a common goal.

“What’s the group’s charter?” I asked. No clear answer came forth. What was demonstrated, however, were functional silos, positioning, silence, indifference, frustration, disharmony and dismissal. There was low energy for addressing the importance of the group and the role the group plays in running the business. The metrics say the group is successful, but at what cost?

If you have avoided an issue because of problems with a person involved in the solution, you have experienced “drag;” a slowing down of communications due to ineffective interpersonal relations.

Goods and services flow because of people. ValueTree performance improves when people make quick and accurate decisions, have freedom to act, are united in purpose and driven by shared expectations and standards…while eliminating infighting, counter-productive communication patterns and passive aggressive behaviors arising from misaligned agendas and positioning. “Oh, you mean that ‘soft stuff,’” someone says as if to diminish its importance by labeling it “soft.”

Oil may be considered “soft” but without it the parts of an engine wear, friction increases and the engine ultimately seizes. The same is true of people when interpersonal effectiveness is lacking. By 5-S’ing our behaviors and investing in team development, ValueTree performance certainly improves.

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Alden B.


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