Finding Innovation at the Verge

30 March 2011
The recent issue of CFO magazine speaks to the continuing importance of cash management in this economy. Last week at the Young Entrepreneurs meeting people talked about underestimating how bad their worst-case scenario would be. There is still no time to “take a breath” in this economy. From a ValueTree perspective, pressure needs to continue on reducing inventories, enhancing collections, pacing capital appropriations and ensuring lean activities deliver results. New and unique approaches are still required from us.
Joel Barker offers fresh insights into innovative thinking. Joel has made the study of innovation and creative-change his life’s work. In the 80’s he introduced the concept of paradigms, followed by change management, leadership and now he is talking about innovation found at The Verge. We learn that the verge is where two different ecosystems meet; ocean meeting the shore, plains meeting the mountains, river meeting the sea. It is in these verges that the most diversity of life is found. In a single ecosystem there is less diversity be-cause species are all competing for the same scarce resources. Joel concludes that innovation is most likely where competition is the least.
Look for your verges. We need to go to the places where two different organizations meet, two departments, two disciplines. For municipalities, Hartford is in the verge between Boston and New York City. It is in this space the improvements you need are waiting. Roam the verges and find the creative ideas you need to address your challenges. Watch a short video clip of Joel describing The Verge posted at
Check out my latest radio segment and hear how the verge is used for creating job possibilities.
Play hard and keep adding value.
Alden B.
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Finding Innovation at the Verge

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