Management Churn Burns

Premise:  Organizational performance improves with management stability and consistent vision.

Seven-in-eight, eight-in-nine…both are very telling stories.  I recently worked with two different people who reported having almost a boss-a-year.  Seven bosses in eight years!  Is it a surprise that performance stagnates when the senior person constantly changes?  A union president in Singapore summed it up the best by saying, “Working here is like having a mother who remarries every two years.”  This is a powerful image that speaks to the level of insecurity, uncertainty and instability that characterizes their environment.  To a union official, the frustration of constantly retraining management in the terms of the contract,the precedent and re-fighting battles already won, easily moves into anger.  This is a non-productive foundation for improvement.  When management constantly churns, the operation of the business sits squarely on the shoulders of first line supervision.  And if you recall the Spirit-and-Will O’meter, , all of my data shows that they sit squarely in the yellow corner of the “whatever zone.”

Management tip:  If churn is the norm, invest in your first line supervisors to create a team and a vision, because this is the only place from which real leadership will come.

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