Why not deny?

30 September 2011

“People who don’t take ownership of their actions” is sited as the #1 co-worker irritant by 78% of the professionals responding to a recent LinkedIn poll of 17,000 professionals. Does that irritate you, too?
Self-protection drives people to not own their actions. I wonder if this data speaks to a deeper issue in the workplace; emotionally unsafe work environments. Are you quick to admit errors in a group of people where you will be reprimanded, scolded, put-down, scoffed-at, ridiculed or yelled at? Do you know anyone who likes public humiliation? The broader issue is, how do we create healthy work environments where people can operate as a team to quickly resolve issues, have the freedom to act, are united in purpose and operate based on shared expectations and standards? What we want are effective groups of people.
Building interpersonal capabilities is a worthwhile investment. Start by building a team through defined roles and common goals. Challenge your beliefs and move away from a theory-x perspective of people. Practice the effective interaction skills, use problem solving methodologies with people and learn how to deal with conflict. It doesn’t take much to create an environment where people own up to their behaviors, just commitment and desire.
The rest of the top five irritants are:
2. Constant complainers
3. Not cleaning up after oneself in common areas
4. Boring meetings that start late or go too long
5. People who consistently seem to miss you emails
Help create emotionally healthy work environments. It is worthy work.
Be well and keep adding value,
Alden B.

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Why not deny?

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