What’s the deal?

actionYou CAN thrive in these uncertain times with your STARPOWER, an integrated 5-point model designed to get you into ACTION. Learn how to weave together your Aspirations, Appearance, Abilities, Associations and Accountability and put the juice in your life. STARPOWER started as a career planning workshop in response to the economic hardships of 2008 and quickly grew to a regular coaching segment on Connecticut’s #1 Newstalk radio station, WTIC. Today, there are four motivational workshops in the STARPOWER universe. Please visit the radio library and enjoy the podcasts and make sure you get a copy of the accompanying resource material.

How do you know your life is adding value? Just as TheValueTree(tm) does for business, TheLifeTree does for your life. Ultimately, are you a contribution? Print-off a copy, post on your mirror, and keep your life on track.