The Executive Blow-off

Topic: Appearing to care
Industry: Aerospace
Location: Northeast USA

This is a brilliant move, demonstrated by a senior VP of HR in a $9B company. At the VP’s direction, a long-standing employee was told they were too highly paid, they were not executive material and they had “no runway” left…but that they were really valued…and oh, by the way, the senior VP really wanted a special one-on-one meeting to share this message of importance. Immediately, the VP’s secretary called and set-up a meeting in the coming week. As the time approached, the secretary called back to reschedule for a later date due to a conflict. A new meeting was scheduled for two weeks out. As the time approached, the secretary called once again for another reschedule. As imagined, this meeting never happened! The importance of the meeting was diluted with time until it just fell off the books. By then, the employee impacted had given up, sucked it up and mentally checked-out. And the VP? The VP got to send a “blow-off” message totally disguised as “I really care about you.”

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