Competitive? Me?

Topic: Simple EthicsIndustry: AerospaceLocation: East Coast Ann and Fran are both executives at this very large company and Ann has issues with Fran. Each year during the United Way fundraisers a “Breakfast with the Boss” is hosted and served by the executives. People tip their favorite executive and the results […]

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An Inviting Place to Work

Title: Thank you Jack WelchTopic: An Abusive Performance Management ProcessIndustry: AerospaceLocation: Heartland, USA “Get your pound of flesh.” This was told a manager at a prominent company as they went into their annual performance appraisal time. Interpretation: Make sure you have 10% of your people identified as low performers and […]

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Today’s Quotable Quotes

By a senior financial executive in a Fortune 50 Company Said to a staff member… “I know I should say ‘thank you,’ but what I really want to say is “what took you so f***ing long?” -or- said after a presentation was completed with others in the room… “How can […]

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Tailgate Inspection at Hilton

Topic: Customer Service Industry: Hospitality Location: Nashville, TN “I have a job that was created by Conrad Hilton himself,” bragged the Customer Service rep to guests checking in; “I am here to ensure that any issues you have are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.” My experience at check-out proved […]

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"Go tell him off!"

Topic: On the Job Training for Supervisors Industry: Equipment manufacturer Location: Texas As a new supervisor, direction from the manager is taken seriously. Standing out on the assembly line in front of all the people the manager upbraids the supervisor, yelling at him with all sorts of profanity, instructing him […]

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Quote of the Month!

Topic: What Executives will sayIndustry: ConglomerateLocation: Northeast “Ideas…ideas are so distracting.” Said to a group of employees by an executive after asking them what they were thinking about.

Today’s Quotable Quote

Topic: Say what you mean Industry: Facility maintenance Location: Northeast US “The company president wants to visit with our group next week. I want this to be informal, no presentations and ‘off the cuff.’ Let’s get together Friday for a dry-run.”

The Executive Blow-off

Topic: Appearing to care Industry: Aerospace Location: Northeast USA This is a brilliant move, demonstrated by a senior VP of HR in a $9B company. At the VP’s direction, a long-standing employee was told they were too highly paid, they were not executive material and they had “no runway” left…but […]

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Who’s the Alpha?

Topic: Positioning for power Industry: Remanufactured components Location: South Central U.S. It is all about power. Heard the phrase “alpha dog”? It deals with which dog will be the dominant one in the pack. Mike’s experience would say the same is true at work. Mike is in his late 20’s […]

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Pushed to Breaking

Topic: Group aggression Industry: Remanufactured components Location: South Central U.S. Tom has been the leadperson in a group of 14 men for many years. He was asked to be the group’s supervisor and after much consideration, agreed. Immediately the group turned on him and began challenging every decision he made. […]

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