"Go tell him off!"

Topic: On the Job Training for Supervisors
Industry: Equipment manufacturer
Location: Texas

As a new supervisor, direction from the manager is taken seriously. Standing out on the assembly line in front of all the people the manager upbraids the supervisor, yelling at him with all sorts of profanity, instructing him to “Go tell off the worker.” As a good soldier, the supervisor walks over to an employee on the assembly line and proceeds to yell at him with a string of profane words describing his incompetence at work. Shortly thereafter, the supervisor was pulled into a meeting with the employee, the shop steward and the manager. The manager informed him that his style was harsh and unacceptable and an apology was in order. Sensitivity training would also be required because of his poor style. In disbelief he apologized and latter reminded the manager he was only following his directions and example. The manager said, “I didn’t really think you would do what I said.” So off to sensitivity training the supervisor went.

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