Who needs relationships?

Topic: Blatant disregard
Industry: Financial
Location: Northeastern U.S.

“I don’t want his ‘Greetings’…all I want is EBIT (earnings before interest & taxes).” – The boss

A controller in a northern European unit asked a colleague traveling to the States to “give my best regards to my boss.” The colleague relayed the message and all he got from the boss was the EBIT quip above.

In this brief 30 second exchange here is what was created:

* The colleague who relayed the message sees the boss as a self absorbed jerk and he resents
being put in the middle;
* The controller feels like he got his kindness crammed up his rear and will now maintain a
strictly transactional relationship with his boss;
* I am depressed that this is the best we can do in fostering healthy, international
relationships, reinforcing a style that alienates and de-spirits people;
* The boss actively disengaged three people and cost the institution goodwill energy.

Simple behaviors from people in positions of power establish organizational culture…healthy or unhealthy.

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