Who needs relationships?

Topic: Blatant disregardIndustry: FinancialLocation: Northeastern U.S. “I don’t want his ‘Greetings’…all I want is EBIT (earnings before interest & taxes).” – The boss A controller in a northern European unit asked a colleague traveling to the States to “give my best regards to my boss.” The colleague relayed the message […]

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Today’s Quotable Quote

Topic: Beyond Theory ‘X” Industry: Aerospace Manufacturing Location: Northeast U.S. Senior Operations Executive standing in front of his peers describing how he will turn around Safety performance metrics… “See my thumb?” [Holding his thumb up he then pushes it down on the table.] So much for enlightened management in the […]

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Losing Respect in one easy step

Topic: blatant disregardIndustry: Aerospace…Plant ProtectionLocation: Northeastern U.S. A seasoned security officer is a professional who takes the work seriously and is meticulous about details. When they sign their name to a report it is done with the full backing of their integrity and character. Officer “D” is working the communication […]

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Quotable Quote

This is a statement made by the boss to the workers at the morning “roll call” meeting… “I’ve been doing this long enough that I have earned the right to mis-manage.”

The Setting-me-Up Boss

Topic: Gutting your employeeIndustry: Warehousing, Distribution and LogisticsLocation: mid-Atlantic states If this is a planned new hire orientation & probation process I would be shocked. Picture this…a large warehouse full of products which you might find in convenience stores. Every hour a wave of trucks pulls up to the docks […]

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Fall in the Farmington Valley, CT