Competitive? Me?

Topic: Simple Ethics
Industry: Aerospace
Location: East Coast

Ann and Fran are both executives at this very large company and Ann has issues with Fran. Each year during the United Way fundraisers a “Breakfast with the Boss” is hosted and served by the executives. People tip their favorite executive and the results are shared at the next executive staff meeting. While it is meant to be a fun fundraiser it seems to carry a particularly competitive threat for some folks, like Ann. Fran is very likeable and genuine and her tip jar was filling quickly. When it came time to tally the results, Ann informed the secretary counting the tips to ensure that she ended up with more than Fran. “I don’t care, just make my numbers more,” was the response given by Ann when questioned about the ethics of such a request. The secretary was understandably upset being put in a compromising situation and called Fran for advice. Fran took the higher road and told the secretary to let Ann win.
Isn’t it amazing how our ethical fabric is brought to light through the smallest of events?

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